My character diary

Dear Diary,

I am absolutely excited that I have finally got the new carpet for the floor, it was getting pretty packed with all the toes hanging around. My two best friends came rushing to my place, desperate to talk. I knew that look when I saw it, so I quickly opened the door only to find them wasting their breath talking about some punishment being given. They said something about a person called Prometheus. When they had finally finished, my mouth stood ajar. I had no idea what was going on.

It was utterly weird of them to just come in and tell me such nonsense. It jumbled around my head, until it all hit me, Prometheus was the man who gave us fire! Because he didn’t teach anyone how to  make the fire in the first place, not to mention all the wood in the town. I was going back to sleep, when they grabbed me against my will and took me to the place where he was punished and was eaten by seagulls. I was shocked at what I was seeing, I hadn’t came for his punishment and must have missed it at home. Prometheus may have been buried, the un finished livers of the decent Titan.

It was completely devastated at the fact that the God Zeus, would commit such a treacherous crimes to fellow people of the city. This was officially the worst day of my life.

Beowulf Playlist (videos) Homework


  • The death of Shield Sheafson: See you again. I have picked this song because it represents the fact that Sheild Sheafson has gone.


  • The terror of Grendel: Thriller. I have picked this song because the lyrics represents Grendel and his apperance.


  • Beowulf arrives with his men: Arrival. I have chosen this song because it shows someone trying to get back to were he was before. This shows that he is going somewhere as Beowulf.



The Awakening of Flappy-Floppy

Running for their lives, they simply couldn’t out run the ferocious creature, or should I say puppet, following them. It was following their every move. The two girls dashed through the graveyard and straight into the forest, not knowing that they were being followed…

Before this all happened, Brittney and Sally were at a sleepover with their cousin, Max. He had a strange dummy called flappy-floppy. Sally, as the oldest, was obviously curious about how the dummy worked, so, she ended up playing with it. While she was, a piece of paper dropped out of the fat plastic dolls mouth. It had the words “Voodoo hoodoo joodoo moodoo”. She didn’t read the small inscription on the back also saying “Awaken this doll, if you dare…” Reading it out, she didn’t know how much pain she would cause on her family, but it was too late…

The three of them went to school after the holidays. The first task of the day was to talk about what had happened in their summer holidays. Max and Brittney didn’t have a problem with it, but Sally definitely did, she couldn’t bear to think about the no good, ugly to the core dummy, who she was clearly afraid of. The 5 minutes was up, Sally and another boy called Tom were working together. Brittney and Max both chose the time when they were on a balloon but they ran out of gas.

Since it was Halloween, people were telling scary stories to scare others. Sally and Tom came up with something pretty scary, but then Sally changed the story to something that she called: The legend of Flappy-Floppy. “It all began on a dark and stormy night, Max, Brittney and I were in the forest, practically lost, when out of nowhere, a knee sized  dummy jumped straight at us”…

She trailed off in a silent voice, quivering to add dramatic effects. …”And it was never heard from again.” There was silence for a moment. The silence was broken with a burst of laughter. “There is no such thing as a talking dummy Sally, it’s made up!” A boy blurted out randomly. Everyone booed off Sally and Tom, who was disappointed. Brittney and Max were next, their story.

When it was first break, Brittney and Max were talking about how to improve their story. They took quite a long time to realise that Sally wasn’t there, so they went over to her normal playground, where she played it her age friends. “What is it?” Sally was intrigued to know why they came over in such a rush. Just as they were about to say there reason, the bell rang.

“That’s strange, the bell doesn’t ring until 5:30, not 5:20?” Reluctantly, they all went, at the same time, up to their class. As they went, the lights were going off with every step they took. If that wasn’t enough, the speakers came to life and started the most sinister tune: “Ring a ring a roses”. This was too much for anyone to stop screaming. Finally, out of nowhere, when everyone thought it was over, Flappy-Floppy appeared. He was uglier than ever, teeth all yellow, hair orange- full of dandruff- and freaking everyone.

The dynamic three though they had out ran it, but they were wrong. It had caught up with them and came for pay back…


New Zealand Earthquake

The earthquake happened because the continental plate and the oceanic plate collided, making the oceanic plate go beneath, when it snapped, that caused the earthquake. This also caused the tsunami, which had an effect on New Zealand.

This devastating Earthquake happened just recently, it was a strong _92420890_7608eab3-619b-42c5-a08b-102a66e21cf0magnitude of 7.5. The tragedy may have been a whopping size in magnitude, it actually didn’t kill a lot of people (only 2 people died).

The effects of this earthquake were that New Zealand’s citizens had to move quickly to other places because their homes weren’t fit for anyone to live in.

This monster went all over New Zealand and shook many houses. Many streets were practically split in half due to the chaos this terror of an earthquake brought to this harmless town. It just got worst every 5 minutes. It was only early on Monday when this happened. Even a Tsunami  came into view that was 15 meters deep and 100 meters back from the coast. It is strange that only 2 people died. This is because New Zealand is a very rich country, so they had enough to build earthquake proof buildings.

It may have been a 7.5, but scientists who studied this, pushed it up to a 7.8. This is a picture from the Earthquake, food smashed on the floor, cartons leak as they get stomped on by panicked citizens.

Many of these earthquakes are normally just short and they would go away, but this one kept on going on and on. It was getting worse every minute or so.

This devastating earthquake only killed 2 people, but it had a giant effect on the whole of New Zealand. It will stay as the most tragic thing that has ever happened in the whole of the country’s history.

The Many Faces of JJ Rawlings – My Hero

In June 1979, Ghana was at a cross road, another military group was attacked. A young Air force pilot who a few weeks ago, awaiting assassination, was rescued by his colleagues and was going to help the people to June 4th revolution. He would be part of the group who would revolutionize Ghana. His name, was Jerry John Rawlings.

He gave this quote while awaiting assassination:

“I am not an expert in economics, and I am not an expert in law. But I am an expert in working on an empty stomach while wondering when and where the next meal will come from. I know what it feels like to go to bed with a headache, for want of food in the stomach”

He was born on the 22nd of June, 1947 in Accra Ghana. In March 1968, he started his training for the Flying school. Because of his skills, he won the Speed Bird trophy, and then became part of the Air force in April 1978. The early years of Ghana’s independence were full of joy because of the first President in Ghana Kwame Nkrumah. He was set to catapult the country to glory. But he wasn’t being supported any more, and he said that Ghana would only be a one party state. Kwame Nkrumah went to Vietnam and China, 1966, he was overthrown from his job because of him being disliked everywhere.

Jerry J. Rawlings, military and political leader in Ghana who twice (1979, 1981) overthrew the government and seized power. His second period of rule (1981–2001) afforded Ghana political stability and competent economic management.

From that day onward, he became a hero for doing the right thing. Later, he and his men formed a group called the A.F.R.C (Armed Forces Revolutionary Council). Rawlings and his Armed Forces Revolutionary Council ruled for 112 days, during which time the former heads of state, Gen. Ignatius Kutu Acheampong and Lieut. Gen. Frederick W.K. Akuffo, were tried and executed. Rawlings then yielded power to a freely elected civilian president, Hilla Limann, who promptly retired Rawlings from the air force.

The quality he possesses makes him a hero

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